Thursday, December 18, 2008

The List

That's right, this is the List with a capital "L".

Today was an outrageously snowy day in Seattle, unlike what we usually see here in December.  Most of my clients canceled for the day, so I fantasized about what I want to bake next.  Sweet potato cornbread?  Chocolate chip cookies?  (I'm still working on those brownies, so maybe the cookies will have to wait a bit).  This weekend I plan on making either peppermint bark or dark chocolate truffles, but I need to make a decision and a trip to the store before this happens.

I think I got a bit sidetracked there.  Back to the list...

A few weeks ago I finally took a food allergy test with my naturopath after many years of elimination diets, guesswork, and pure observation.  An elimination diet made it clear to me years ago that wheat and dairy and I didn't get along, but there were some foods I suspected I was reacting to, without much proof.

The test shows the level of allergy to a food ranging from "no reaction" to "high".  So, this is what I found:

Almonds.  These were actually reading off the charts, so I'd say my reaction to almonds is more of a High+.  This was one of those foods I suspected but had no idea it was so high.  Wow.

Moderate to High
Dairy.  Of the cow variety.  I knew this.
Eggs.  This I didn't know and I was sorely disappointed.  Going out to breakfast will be hard.
Yeast.  This includes both bakers yeast and brewers yeast.

Low to Moderate
Sugar cane.  This was closer to "moderate" than "low".
Cranberry.  I can live without this if I have to!
Wheat and wheat gluten.  I knew this and have been eating gluten-free for about 8 months now.
Spelt.  This was news!
Oyster.  Okay...

Peanut, pecan, soy, red tomato, garlic, lettuce, cauliflower, radish, white potato, goat dairy, and barley.

Not on the test, but I don't need one to tell me I react to...
Alcohol.  Yes, it's a sad reality.
Vitamin D.  Doctors are baffled by this, but I can't tolerate any food that has vit d added.  Think dairy, most brands of rice milk, etc.

Phew.  There it is.  Honestly, I am not going to abstain from everything in the "low" category, because really... come on.  I must still maintain my sanity as well!  Otherwise, I'll do my best to avoid everything in the low/moderate to high categories and then re-test in 6-8 months or so to see if it is different.

I'm my own science experiment.

The great news?  I show as having no reaction to chocolate, honey, coffee bean,  ALL meats (can you say carnivore?), all seafood, corn, coconut, oats, sesame, and walnuts.  Of course there are many other foods I didn't show any reaction to, but these make me really happy for various reasons.

Because really, you could probably win me over with sushi and dark chocolate.  So it's good to know these do well with me.


  1. So - I found you!
    ALSO: About the eggs thing: As someone who has no self control and who LOVES BREAKFAST FOODS, it is horrible that I am highly intolerant to both eggs *and* pork. That reduces most breakfast menus down to carbohydrates and fruit cups. Or granola and yogurt. Seriously. Its SO depressing sometimes. Eggs are the worst because I can eat them - and they do not cause a lot of pain but it is INTOLERABLE to be in the room with me (I can not even stand being in the room with myself after eating eggs and additionally I find it impossible to leave the room that I am contained within!) Pork, on the other hand, causes pain, violent bloating and all other kinds of colonic upsets.
    Its rough, but like you said today, there are plenty of things we can still enjoy. And ENJOY WE SHALL.

  2. WAIT! That was JEN that wrote all of that, not NOT Jasmine! She must be logged into her google - weird!
    I'll pay better attention next time..!

  3. Ahahaha.

    But JEN. Who needs eggs and pork when you can eat pancakes and waffles?! Didn't you mention to me once that you can eat things that have eggs *in them*? I certainly hope so.

    We can go out to breakfast together sometime. I'll eat all of your bacon and you can eat my pancakes.

  4. My mom actually has a Vitamin D intolerance! weird...