Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Vitamin D experiment

In the Pacific Northwest, vitamin D is a precious thing and something we typically need to supplement for most of the year. It's not so much that we get tons of rain here, but we do get plenty of gray. The sun makes the occasional cameo appearance in winter but it's hardly enough to keep our vitamin D levels perky.

I am one of the many that has had plunging levels of D for a while now but with one major drawback. I've reacted to every supplemental form of it that I could find - capsules, liquid, and added to cod liver oil. I can't even drink rice, hemp, or almond milk because they always add vitamin D to it.

When I do take it, it acts like a hormone gone wrong in my body, affecting my skin, my mood, and energy levels. While D is important to build strong bones, it is also considered by many now to actually be a hormone and not a vitamin at all. That was really evident to me once I saw how my own system was processing it (though incorrectly).

But recently my story has changed. I treated for vitamin D a few weeks ago with my NAET practitioner and then started taking it in the form of some very high-quality cod liver oil about a week after that treatment. I am happy to report that I am not reacting to it. I'm slowly ramping up my dosage and I'll be really excited to do a blood test in a few months to check my levels and see if they are improving. In the meantime, I'm going to pay attention to how I'm feeling and see if I notice a positive change from supplementing it. But the fact that I'm not reacting to it is truly impressive to me and a real marker that these NAET treatments are actually doing what they claim.


  1. That's really good that you're not reacting to it so far...I've been supplementing myself, because I'm pretty sure I'm low in it. I didn't get tested, but living in the NW, I think we can all assume we need more of it. Plus Calcium. Osteoporosis is in my family, and arthritis, so I gotta keep my bones in check!

    Hey, here's to treatments doing what they say they would! *clink! <--- rice milk drink of course. ;)

  2. Soon that clink will be something swankier... like a latte or a glass of wine!