Friday, August 28, 2009

Wherein the Queen of Bites attempts to give up her crown...

Not because I plan on abandoning this blog, of course. What on earth would you do without my monthly posts?

No, rather it's that I'm going through treatments to eliminate my food allergies and sensitivities. The modality is called NAET and I'm seeing a local acupuncturist who came highly recommended to me by several people. It's something I tried about 5 years ago, but I felt really confused and unsupported by my practitioner at the time. I am finding this attempt to be much more interesting, tolerable, and rewarding, and I'm curious to see how successful it's going to be in the long run. Fingers crossed.

There are 15 basic nutrients they test and treat you for before moving on to all of the other possibilities. After the first one - egg - I noticed that the rosacea that had been slowly creeping up on me disappeared. Every treatment I've done since then has had some kind of small effect on my health in a very unique way. Treating vitamin D seemed to help with my skin a bit more, and treating my allergy to most spices has shifted my internal temperature. I actually like to drink cold water now, which was something I avoided like the plague before.

I'm still eating in my usual fashion until I get some of the other major allergies addressed. Then I'll do a bit more exploring with various foods and assess how these treatments are going.

Dairy is a big one I still need to do, along with soy, caffeine, and a few others.

So I'm still eating gluten and dairy free for now, though I am eating eggs. And let me tell you, eating eggs again is fabulous.

If you're curious about NAET, there is a bit of info on their website.

More to come.


  1. Thats great news about eggs and spices. Cold water is a treat, if you can handle it! :)

    I'm glad you're finding success this time around, I'll be curious to see how further treatments work out.

  2. I wonder what you're going to notice then! good luck! <3