Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday breakfast

Shortly after my last post, I realized I still have plenty to write about food. Especially food I love and could happily eat on a daily basis.  Food such as... pancakes.

That's right.  I said "pancakes".  I, someone who doesn't eat gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, or even much sugar, have been enjoying pancakes on a weekly basis ever since I discovered yet another gem from "The Cravings Place":  

They are by far the best hypoallergenic pancakes I have ever had.  I've tried several brands now and without speaking harshly about the less savory ones, I can whole-heartedly recommend these.  There is a good chance that unless you witness me on a Sunday morning with my plate full of tiny pancakes (I like to make mini-cakes), dancing around the kitchen, you have no idea how happy something as silly as these make me.  So far, only my husband and my cat have that honor, but now that I think of it, I would totally host a pancake party some Sunday if anyone is game.

My favorite way to eat them?  Warm, with virgin coconut butter (which has a lovely coconut flavor and aroma), a very small amount of maple syrup, and pears on top.  Mine are on the right.  Elliot prefers his with butter, syrup, and a sunny side up egg crowning it.  Actually, he eats it sunny side down so the yolk soaks into the pancakes.  I eat mine and then we kinda share his.  Heh.  

"The Cravings Place" has been a hit with me so far and has a wide selection of nut/gluten/dairy/egg free mixes that I have yet to try.  I will be sure to sacrifice my time and my taste buds and then post here with a discerning report on each product.  In the name of science, of course.


  1. Awesome! Could there be a mix with rice milk maybe?

  2. Yeah, totally. Sometimes I use rice milk in this instead of water even. Or I think it would be fine to substitute rice milk for regular milk in any other mix, whether they suggest it or not.

    Actually, have you tried hemp milk? It's creamier than rice milk and really fabulous stuff!