Saturday, March 21, 2009


It's been about two weeks since my return from the Amazonian jungle and I'm still settling back into things.  

It was a very intense and transformational trip, which I anticipated, and as I'm sliding back into "normal" life I feel like everything sits just a notch or so from where it used to. Life is sweeter, more vibrant (despite the cold I've had), and is begging for some changes.  Some of them I recognize and some of them I don't quite know how to do yet.  You know that feeling? Like something is pulling in a different direction but I can't quite tell how yet.  It's really satisfying when I am able to figure out how to follow that urge to an endpoint.

One of those shifts is in this blog.  It's gonna get more personal, guys. Maybe not necessarily more personal on all the intimate details of my life, but I gotta talk about more than just food here.  And really, food overlaps with so many other things in life, right?  Food is healing, food is medicine, food is enjoyment, and it's also just one of the ways that I nourish myself.  

Sure, it's an important one.  I would definitely die without food, but I'm pretty sure I would die without breath or touch.  

With that said, I'm going to reflect for a moment here on all of the ways I nourish myself in addition to food.  Off the top of my head: breath, touch, friends, community, travel, rest, yoga and dance, and of course - writing (speak of the devil!).  Music!  So many ways.  I know the list is just going to keep growing.

So what are the ways in which you nourish yourself?


  1. I can only imagine how a trip like that would make you see things in a different perspective...that's so great.

    I nourish myself with learning, sharing and loving! :)